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Our Mental Health Matters 

Counseling, Consultation, Supervision

& Medication Management

Maire Daugharty, MD, LAC, LPC, LMFT

(720) 744-0557

Licensed in CO TX UT ID

Counseling physician treating anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use

I am a working physician with a master's degree in counseling, a private practice in mental health, and you can find out a little bit more about who I am as a clinician on my About page. I work with adult individuals and couples, and provide clinical supervision & consultation for therapists. Well versed in the durable impacts of trauma I also have training specific to relationships, the peripartum period, and addictions. Additional training in EMDR facilitates processing impacts of trauma, and can be very helpful if you are struggling with substance use. Mental health care can assist in facing challenges: in relationships and intimacy, postpartum depression and anxiety, family roles and expectations. Work life balance, imposter syndrome, anxiety, or depression, and concerns you bring up around alcohol or substance use are other areas we might explore. Together we can work to identify what is helping or hindering your life goals and relationships and leveraging these towards more satisfying change. As a physician I can also identify possible benefits of medication and discuss this with you in a collaborative approach. My ongoing work in the perioperative environment gives me unique insight to the issues we all face as clinicians in healthcare and I specialize in this work as a consultant and therapist. 

Confidentiality is of the utmost priority in a counseling practice and my work is no exception. Our work together is protected by law and a rigorous ethical code. Please expect a warm and compassionate welcome when you reach out. Leave a message on my voice mail, click on the envelope icon, or send an email through the contact form below. My fees are listed below and please note that I do not take insurance. I do offer a Superbill which you can turn into your insurance company for possible reimbursement, and a call to your insurance will clarify what they cover.



“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

My Background & Focus

About Therapy

The psychotherapy relationship is collaborative, empowering, and built specifically on trust developed over time. Engagement will, at times, be a highly vulnerable, emotional experience. The process offers life altering changes in perspective, habits, and assumptions. It can also offer new strategies to help cope with life's inevitable challenges. My work as a physician informs my therapy work with a long history of helping people in vulnerable positions. Also know that some of my training addresses experiences unique to women, such as pregnancy, but that I also welcome work with men. In my role as a physician I also offer medication management for mental health including depression, anxiety, ADHD, alcohol use. Please find some of the information to which you are entitled as a consumer by clicking here:

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"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes"

                                 C.G. Jung                 

Services Offered

Individual Couples & Group Therapy

EMDR and psychodynamic therapy
Couples counseling
Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a highly personal experience. Despite it still carrying stigma, working with a therapist has the potential to offer life altering change for those who decide to engage. Things can be really hard and sometimes it feels like failure to ask for help. But there is courage in seeking to understand and process feelings and experiences, and suffering alone isn't a requirement. Neither is feeling chronically drained, anxious, angry, or depressed. Therapy can be practical, brief, and problem focused, or more long term and in-depth. I am happy to answer questions about my theoretical approach rooted in the neurobiology of relationship. It begins with a formal gathering of important information which will contextualize and help to identify and guide evolving goals. You can terminate therapy at any time, it's up to you. Should you choose, I look forward to meeting with you to identify your goals and accompany you on your journey. 

 Couples & Family

Couples & family counseling aims to identify and reorganize the lens through which we learn to see, understand, and negotiate our relationships. A marriage and family perspective incorporates the observation that change in one part of the system inevitably changes the system as a whole. Additionally, we often approach our partners and family members with assumptions and expectations that are not only unspoken, but also unrecognized. Couples and family therapy stands back to witness the process, misunderstandings, and unmet needs to bring these into awareness. Communication, goals, intimacy, and busy working lives all interweave to create a unique partnership. Major changes such as having a baby, helping teens and young adults negotiate the world, and other transitions in family life all have under-appreciated impacts worthy of focus. There are many ways for the motivated family or couple to get at this material towards a healthier, more satisfying, and durable connection. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy for alcohol use is an opportunity to learn that in fact you are not alone in your struggles. This in and of itself can feel like an enormous relief, but there is more to it than that. For some, this is a first experience of community and connection, a place you look forward to showing up because it feels good to talk with people who care. It is also a place to learn about yourself in ways that may not have felt possible, and although it seems so simple, just talking with a group of people, it can open up the world which before might have felt grim and unrelenting. Please reach out for more information regarding process and logistics. 

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Medication Management

If you are working with me in a therapy relationship and medication appears indicated, we will discuss this together and navigate collaborative decision making. Alternatively, you may reach out for assistance with medication for depression, anxiety, ADHD, or alcohol use without engaging therapy with me. This involves assessment, including identifying need for a formal psychological evaluation, treatment, and follow up appointments. Please reach out with questions. 

My Fees:

Individual $185

Couples/Family $225

Group Therapy $75

Medication Management $400/$200

Supervision $150

Consultation $185

Please Note: I do not take insurance
Cozy comfortable and welcoming office
Supervision & Consultation

Putting it all together as a counselor in training is an enormous time, financial, and emotional investment. Please reach out to see if we might be a good fit working together. I offer supervision for candidates in professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, and addiction counseling. Your hours are applicable towards all three to maximize your counseling perspective if you wish. You can expect help navigating clinical work, legal & ethical challenges, and preparation for qualifying exams. 

Consultation around case work focuses on the emotional impacts of this work and specifically leveraging an understanding of transference and countertransference. Additionally, I offer a focus on the convergence of medicine and counseling in diagnosis and treatment. Please see my other website for additional information at:

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Benefit from my professional experience and medically informed mental health services.

EMDR and Sand Tray counseling

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