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Currently practicing as a part time anesthesiologist and full time professional counselor I found my way back to an interest in mental health while exploring questions about navigating ubiquitous challenges in our work environments. In exploring how people come to find themselves in unhappy situations despite concerted efforts to enact change, I reconnected with earlier aspirations, and the rest is history. I have followed interests in the strivings of family in a culture that overall isn't particularly supportive of family. Some of this includes experiences of women in pregnancy, multifaceted perspectives of partners and fathers, and the impact of chronically grueling schedules on our personal lives. Career change expanded my understanding for our human experiences; the ability to be still with one's thoughts, tolerate intense emotion, or simply relax and be. Significance is not adequately captured in the euphemistic phrase work-life-balance focused on the treadmill of performing for valuation at the expense of self. Incorporating mythology and metaphor in the crucible of relational work, these languages speak to our buried dreams, our true selves, and our deepest connection with others.


Making time for reflection coincides with many of the things I love to do, while thinking about what anxiety and depression mean, how our need to protect ourselves is both universal and deeply personal, and how different people experience the world depending on how they were taught to see. I have spent the majority of my adult life putting people safely to "sleep" so they can be healed by the expertise of a surgeon. I am delighted to bring skills to bear accompanying others through the deepest hurts humans can inflict on each other, and awakening to our true selves.  

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